Ilber Ortayli in Baku Book Center - Photos

The Baku Book Center hosted the presentation and signing of the book entitled "Golden Age of the Turks" by Turkish historian Prof. Ilber Ortaylı.

With the invitation of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan and the Turkish and Azerbaijani Businessmen and Industrialists' Public Union Ilber Ortayli met with Azerbaijani readers in the Baku Book Center for the second time in Azerbaijan. His book "The Golden Age of the Turks" was presented to the readers.

Ilber Ortayli said he was delighted to be in Azerbaijan and was very pleased with this great interest in the presentation. Expressing his gratitude to the organizers, Ortaylı answered their questions after opening the main theme of the "Turks Golden Age" book.

Afterwards, part of the  book signing was taken. At the event Ilber Ortayli signed books with sincere readers.

A number of well-known people, representatives of the Turkish embassy in Azerbaijan, TÜİB chairman Huseyin Büyükfırat, writer Anar and other influential persons were also at the event.

Note that, Ilber Ortayli has previously lectured at the Heydar Aliyev Center on the topic "History of Caucasus" on April 14. Azerbaijan program of famous historian continues.